We are extremely proud to announce that Clickio has recently become a Google Certified Publishing Partner. What does it mean? We will find that out in this blog post, in which we will describe what a Google Certified Publishing Partner is and why Clickio has been selected to become one.

What is a Google Certified Publishing Partner

A Google Certified Publishing Partner is a company that, after an accurate review process, has been recognized by Google as expert in Google products and in providing publishers with innovative solutions and services.

A Google Certified Publishing Partner is able to offer many kinds of services, from full-service ad operations, implementations, and testing, to mobile, web, app and responsive design development. 

These companies have been carefully evaluated by Google and are required to maintain the certifications by passing exams every year.

Why it is important to work with a Google Certified Publishing Partner

All the companies that have passed Google’s evaluation receive a Google Certified Publishing Partner badge, a guarantee that the partner is a trained expert on AdSense, Ad Manager, or AdMob.

As a publisher, working with a Google Certified Publishing Partner could be very valuable for the success of your business. You would rely on the expertise of a certified partner to set up and optimize your digital content and to leverage the best advertising technologies. As your partner does all this for you, you can focus on creating quality content.

Why Clickio has been selected to be a Google Certified Publishing Partner

Today Clickio is a Google Certified Publishing Partner, an important recognition that came after years of work in building up effective and innovative solutions.

Not only has Clickio passed the assessment on Google products, proving to possess a deep expertise in AdSense and Ad Manager, but also it has demonstrated an excellent track record in helping publishers succeed, another fundamental condition to receive the badge.

Here are some of the main innovations Clickio offers to publishers:

  • An outstanding monetisation technology based on a Machine Learning Algorithm. In a few simple steps, this allows publishers to maximize the monetization potential of their websites.
  • Prism, a site optimisation technology to transform any content site into a progressive web app. This is a perfect solution for publishers who want to improve the speed of their websites, while guaranteeing a pleasant and engaging user experience to their audience.
  • Clickio Consent Tool, one of the first IAB Approved GDPR Consent platforms. This solution allows publishers to be fully compliant with GDPR in an easy and flexible way, collecting consents and sharing them both with IAB Framework vendors and with Google Ads products.

For us, receiving this badge has been a huge success – but we won’t stop here. Inspired like never before, we are ready to bring more innovation to our offer; and to contribute to the development of an even more sustainable and reliable network for publishers. 

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