Clickio referral program – boost your revenue by recommending us

Recommend a publisher to Clickio to get 4% commission on their revenue for 12 months – open to existing publishers and new referrers.

Who doesn’t want to earn a little bit extra? With the Clickio referral program, you can get monthly commission on the revenue of any new publishers you bring to our platform.

All you need to do is share your unique referral link with any publisher you think might be interested in our services. If they sign up within 14 days and are accepted onto the platform, you’ll automatically receive 4% of their revenue for the first 12 months they’re with Clickio. 

You can refer as many publishers as you want, and track your referral revenue easily in the platform – so why not give it a go?


How can I refer a new site?

If you’re not already registered on the Clickio platform, you’ll first need to sign up for free here.

Once you’re in the platform, select the Referral Program option in the left-hand menu – or click here to go straight there. You should then see your unique referral link.

Just send this to any potential new publishers – or share on your social media – and if someone signs up within 14 days and gets accepted on the platform, we’ll automatically add you as their referrer.

Who can become a referrer?

Any company or individual can become a referrer, subject to our standard checks and Clickio Terms & Conditions. You don’t have to be an existing client or a publisher yourself but will need to get set up on our platform in order to take part.

Who can I refer to Clickio?

You can send the link to anyone you think might be interested in using Clickio, although you will only start to earn commission if the site is accepted after our moderation process. Only quality sites which meet Clickio Entry Standards and Google’s AdSense Program Policies will be accepted. Generally, these will be sites generating a good level of traffic by producing lots of quality content.

Commission is only payable for sites that are new to Clickio, not those that are currently using the platform or have done so previously.

How much can I earn?

You’ll receive 4% of the revenue that the new publisher collects in their Clickio account for the first 12 months they are with Clickio. There is no limit on the number of sites you can refer to Clickio or on the total amount of revenue you can earn from referrals. 

Where can I find out more?

You can find more details on the Clickio Knowledge Base and on our Terms & Conditions page. Or get in touch here if you have any questions.

Get started now

If you’re already on the Clickio platform, click here to get your unique referral link.

If you’re not already registered, click here to sign up now.

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