Clickio Releases New Publisher Platform

We are happy to announce that, on 09/09/2020, Clickio released new Publisher Platform. Clickio Publisher Platform was completely redesigned to provide easier access to analytics — and here at Clickio, we believe that this is one of the keys to our publishers’ success.

What’s new

All-in-one Dashboard: our new dashboard was completely redesigned to provide more control over the main sections of the platform, placing your key data in one place: from site performance results, GDPR statistics and advertising earnings to ads.txt management. The view can be customized, allowing publishers to choose the sections that they want to keep an eye on. 

Customizable Analytics: our new reporting system allows publishers to build reports according to their needs. Different report dimensions and multiple filters allow full customisation of the reporting.

Improved User-Experience: the new interface was completely redesigned to make it more modern, flexible and easier to navigate. Moreover, the platform has now been translated to different languages such as Russian, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.

New Prism Dashboard: the new Prism dashboard has been now launched, providing a better design and complete metrics on both site performance and monetisation.

More Informative: our notification system has been updated to help publishers faster respond to changes in their accounts. In addition, the customer service center can be contacted directly from the platform.

To try out our new platform you can log in, if you already have a Clickio account, or sign up to create a new one.

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