IAB Updates to TCF V2.2: What does it mean for publishers

In the fast-paced world of digital privacy, adaptability is key. On 16 May 2023, novel TCF v2.2 requirements were announced to respond to the changes and needs of the industry and refine its Transparency and Consent Framework to align with the latest legal standards.All publishers serving ads to European users are now expected to comply with new changes by November 20, 2023. If you’re seeking to understand these changes, this article will guide you through what’s new in TCF V2.2 and how publishers can remain compliant.


What is TCF V2.2?

The TCF v2.2, a progressive upgrade to IAB’s Transparency & Consent Framework, is designed to enhance transparency and user control in online advertising. Ongoing changes in the rules from Data Protection Authorities (DPAs) are making data protection more demanding for businesses. The new Transparency & Consent Framework v2.2 (TCF V2.2) has made important updates to meet the expectations of regulators and users’ needs.

TCF V2.2 introduces several updates reinforcing the control of users over their data in the following ways:

  • Vendor Disclosure: Publishers are now required to transparently declare the number of vendors right at the initial layer of the consent interface. This change ensures users clearly understand the third parties involved in data processing.
  • Consent Requirements for Specific Purposes: TCF V2.2 mandates explicit user consent for specific purposes, such as personalized ads and content profiles. This shift ensures users have more control over how their data is utilized.
  • Enhanced Vendor Details: Users now have a more comprehensive view of vendors. This includes detailed information applicable to each vendor. 
  • Improved User Interface: Text illustrations replace complex language, offering a more transparent and more accessible presentation of the purposes and features associated with data processing. 
  • Simplified Consent Withdrawal: Users now have the power to withdraw consent easily with just one click. This streamlined process makes it more convenient for users to revisit and adjust their privacy settings, promoting a user-centric approach to consent management.

IAB Timeline and Deadline

The deadline to transition to TCF V2.2 is November 20, 2023. While there’s no hard requirement to re-surface the consent dialog to all users, post-deadline, TCF v2.1 consent strings will no longer be accepted.

What does TCF V2.2 Update mean for publishers?

Compliance with TCF V2.2 is an important point in agendas for all publishers aiming to avoid revenue disruption. To monetize effectively, publishers must stay in line with the ever-evolving standards of the industry. This ensures a seamless journey toward optimizing monetization and maintaining a competitive edge in the digital market.

The importance of compliance becomes even more crucial considering the proximity of the peak revenue season. If your current Consent Management Platform hasn’t been upgraded to TCF v2.2, we strongly advise making the necessary changes to comply with the new changes before November 20th.

Clickio Consent Fully Comply with IAB TCF V2.2

For those seeking a reliable solution, Clickio Consent adapts and anticipates the evolving privacy landscape. Clickio CMP has been upgraded to seamlessly comply with TCF v2.2, offering additional controls for publishers:

  • Number of Vendors Options: With Clickio, publishers may choose how to disclose the number of vendors—inside the text or as a separate element.
  • Vendor List Optimization: Using Clickio CMP, publishers may customise their vendor list to reduce the number of vendors listed. Additionally, publishers may get use of our Clickio-curated Optimized Vendor List.

Navigating these updates can be complex for publishers, So it is essential to partner with a Google Certified Partner to stay ahead of compliance regulations. With Clickio as your Google Certified CMP, you can confidently navigate the complex landscape of user consent and privacy regulations. Discover the advantages of collaborating with a top-tier CMP in the industry and stay ahead in a dynamic digital environment that is constantly evolving.

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